Critical Digital Sovereignties

Spanning the Globe: Questions of Scale and Sovereignty

(Photo credit: 'World 2' Susan Stockwell 2013 recycled computer components Photo Syd Shelton. Black Rock Investments collection NYC (commission courtesy of TAG Fine Arts))

This series of essays examines the relationship between scale---the national, the transnational, the regional---and assertions or defenses of sovereignty.

Marwan Kraidy's essay "The Digital Exclosure: Sovereignty According to Islamic State" articulates anxieties over sovereignty and morality through its portrayals of media technologies and their inherent dangers.

Stanislav Budnitsky's essay examines efforts by the nation of Estonia to articulate a notion of digitally-oriented, "post-national" sovereignty in an era of rising tensions with the Russian government.

Zane Cooper's essay argues for foregrounding the global material and extractive relations that undergird digital technologies as a means of building a more equitable digital future.

Lastly, Fernanda Rosa's essay looks at the imaginings of national sovereignty and inequitable transnational relations that structure IXPs---interconnection points that undergird the Internet.


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