Trust Exercise by Susan Choi

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A recent book by an Asian American author which I loved was Susan Choi's Trust Exercise, which won this year's National Book Award. Reviews for this book have been quite polarized, and when I read it with my English class last semester I was the only one who initially liked it (I managed to talk some of my classmates into it), but I found the execution of the book to be worth it, even if it is eccentric to say the least.

I liked how Trust Exercise studied the potential for the abuse of power between mentors and their students from within the head of a student under one's thrall. The analysis of the character who institutes the trust exercise unfolds from multiple angles throughout the book, and the feeling of slowly gaining access to each layer of understanding is both satisfying and tantalizing. Additionally, Choi's narrative style is similarly slow and methodical, but rewardingly insightful. Even if it ends with dislike, I recommend this book for the experience of reading it and letting Choi construct her story around you.


Rachel Swym (B.A. English)


New York : Henry Holt and Company




Coming-of-age Fiction, Young Adult Novel




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